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Email Answer from PETA regarding "PETA Kills Animals" website

Hello ZAO Makeup Australia,

Thank you for your email and for all you do for the animals.


As it does each year, PETA US has issued a news release about the number of animals its regional programme helped in 2018, including its shelter's intake, adoption, transfer and euthanasia figures. The group's hope is to educate the public about the overpopulation, neglect and homelessness that affect companion animals across North America and offer tips on practices that will help make a difference.


PETA US is on the front lines for animals in the poverty-stricken pockets of southeastern Virginia and northeastern North Carolina. It sterilised more than 11,600 animals in 2018 alone (more than 1,000 of whom were pit bulls and more than 300 of whom were feral cats). Those figures are not given out by its enemies.


PETA US has fieldworkers who are on call around the clock, and its emergency pager is always on  24/7/365. During hurricanes, heat waves, snowstorms and the polar vortex, PETA US' fieldworkers are out helping cats stuck in treetops and drainage ditches, ducklings stranded in sewer pipes, chained dogs left to suffer outside  and any other animal who needs help. Some of the animals they take in are lost companion animals who can be reunited with grateful guardians, while many others are taken to other high-traffic shelters, where they will have the best chance of being adopted. PETA US also helps people keep their animals instead of giving them up, by offering tips on dealing with behavioural problems, helping to find animal-friendly housing and assisting with veterinary care. It also has an adoption programme that places animals in excellent homes. Please go to to watch a video about PETA US' sheltering work and fieldwork. To learn more about its companion-animal services and other work to prevent, alleviate and end massive animal suffering, please visit


PETA US' shelter (it has only one) is a shelter of last resort. The majority of the animals it accepts are unadoptable – their guardians can no longer handle their aggression or chronic ailments, or they're old and suffering and their guardians cannot afford that final visit to the veterinarian. PETA US accepts the animals nobody wants – the sick, the scarred and broken, the elderly, the aggressive and unsocialised, and sometimes the simply unwanted ones who are thrown away like last year's fad toy.


Millions of homeless and abused animals are euthanised in animal shelters and veterinary offices across the US each year out of compassion for their injuries, illness or age or because of simple math: there are too many animals and not enough suitable homes. More than 6 million animals flood US animal shelters annually, and half of them are euthanised. And every year, another 6 million or more animals need the same help.


The answer to homelessness lies in prevention. PETA US operates a fleet of mobile spay/neuter clinics serving low-income residents in Virginia and North Carolina. The clinics offer no- and low-cost sterilisation surgeries as well as other services, such as flea and tick treatments, vaccinations and deworming. Since starting its first mobile clinic in 2001, PETA US has sterilised more than 158,600 animals. Please go to read more about its clinics' crucial work.


Finally, please remember that a lot of the misleading and outright false rumours that are spread concerning PETA US' efforts, including the claims on the ‘PETA Kills’ website, are the work of the deceitfully named "Center for Consumer Freedom" (CCF), a front group for Philip Morris, Outback Steakhouse, KFC, cattle ranchers and other animal exploiters who kill millions of animals every year – not out of compassion but out of greed. To learn more about the CCF – whose website USA Today said should be renamed "" – please see the following websites:



Unfortunately, organisations like CCF can spread these false rumours and are protected under the first amendment, so there is nothing we can do to have this website taken down. Please let your customer know that the claims on this website are false, and remind them that in this day and age, with social media use and fake news on the rise, it is important to think critically about the information that you read online, hear on the news, or are informed of by a friend. Make sure you research the source of the information, and whether the people spreading the information might have a bias.


I hope that this information is helpful for you. Please do not hesitate to contact us again if you have any further questions.


With warm regards,


Danielle Bowering

Supporter Services Administrator

PETA Australia | 08 8556 5828

PO Box 20308 | World Square | Sydney NSW 2002| |