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Find your ZAO Compact Foundation shade

1. First, find out what best describes you:

  • Skin Phototype 1You always burn, never tan under the sun. Do you have white skin, red or blond hair, green or blue eyes and often freckles? you are VERY FAIR (Skin Phototype 1). Eg: Irish, Celts  

  • Skin Phototype 2You burn very often but tan very slightly and slowly under the sun. Do you have fair skin, blond or light brown hair, clear to brown eyes and often freckles? You are FAIR (Skin Phototype 2). Eg: Clear Skin Caucasians

    • Skin Phototype 3You often burn and tan slightly and slowly. Do you have an intermediate skin color, light to dark brown hair and brown eyes? You are MEDIUM (skin Phototype 3). Eg: Most Caucasians

    • Skin Phototype 4You burn occasionally, and gradually tan. Your skin is matt/olive, you have brown to black hair and brown to black eyes? You are DARKER (Skin Phototype 4). Eg: Asians, Spanish

    • Skin Phototype 5You rarely burn and tan well. Do you have brown skin, black hair and black eyes? You are Dark (Skin Phototype 5). Eg: Indians, Middle-Easterns

      • Skin Phototype 6You burn very rarely. You have black skin, black hair, black eyes. You are Very Dark (skin Phototype 6). Eg: Black Africans



      2. Then, look at your inner wrist veins to find your undertone:

      • Silveryour veins look blue and your skin looks pinkish. Silver suits you wonderfully but gold not that much. Your undertone is COOL

      • your veins look blue-green or purple. When wearing jewelry, both silver and gold suit you. Your undertone is NEUTRAL

      • Goldyour veins look green. Gold jewelry brings out the natural glow of your skin, but silver won't. Your undertone is WARM



        3. Find the name and reference of ZAO Compact Foundation that matches your skin in the table below:


        Cool (Pinkish) Undertone
        SIlver is your jewelry choice
        Neutral Undertone
        Both Silver and Gold fit you perfectly
        Warm Undertone
        Gold is your jewelry choice
        Very Fair Skin
        Skin Phototype 1
        Skin Phototype 1
        Very Light Pink Ivory 729
        Ivory 730
        Very Light Ochre 728
        Fair Skin
        Skin Phototype 2
        Skin Phototype 2
        Very Light Pink Ivory 729 Ivory 730 Very Light Ochre 728
        Medium Skin
        Skin Phototype 3
        Skin Phototype 3
        Rose Petal 732 Neutral 733 Apricot 731
        Darker Skin
        Skin Phototype 4
        Skin Phototype 4
        Chocolate 735 Cappuccino 734 Cappuccino 734
        Dark Skin
        Skin Phototype 5
        Skin Phototype 5
        Hazelnut 738 Bronze 737 Carob 739
        Very Dark Skin
        Skin Phototype 6
        Skin Phototype 6
        Carob 739 Mocha 741 Dark Mahogany 740