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Our Manufacturing Facilities

Laboratoire Phytotechnique company


Laboratoire Phytotechnique company, often called with its nickname “Labophyto” was founded in 2006 by four friends, Stefano Tunesi, Andrea Tunesi, Simone Simonatto and David Reccole who has been the CEO up to 2013.

Labophyto, based in Pogliano Milanese, 15 km far from Milan center has been the first makeup production factory to be certified by Ecocert from 2007 for the production of organic makeup. Today we can consider that Labophyto is a true European and even worldwide leader in this field with more than 45 certified brands produced in its 2 facilities.

By being at the origin of Labophyto and keeping strong friendship links with its managers since 2002, Cosm’Etika France benefits from a privileged relationship with this partner.

Sustainable Beauty Products


The relationship between Cosm’Etika France and Sustainable Beauty Products International Ltd, that produces our bamboo packaging and provides us with a large part of our packaging products, is also a story of people. Indeed, as with Laboratoire Phytotechnique, we’ve known our Chinese partner, Jesse Zhou for many years. Since 2005, we’ve established very privileged relationships with great confidence both professionally and personally. Even before the beginning of ZAO, Jesse accompanied us in the search for Chinese partners able to manufacture small bamboo objects. Facing a great difficulty in finding qualified partners, David and Jesse decide to manufacture the bamboo packagings themselves. In 2011, David decided to buy all the necessary machines (wood lathe, saw, jointer, sander, …) to make the first pilot production. With Jesse, they build a manufacturing facility with 3 employees until the creation of Sustainable Beauty Products International LTD in 2014. For simplicity, the machines were transferred for free to this new company in order to establish a classic customer-supplier relationship.


Fabrik Etik

It is the friendship between Jacques Bonhoure (ESAT* La Providence) and David Reccole that allowed the company Fabrik Etik to be born in May 2016. The two men, friends for 15 years, with Christophe Chevalier (Group Archer) decided to create a company whose vocation was to offer disabled people a suitable professional environment. Fabrik Etik, based in our territory (Châteauneuf sur Isère), 5 km away from Cosm’Etika France, was also meant to represent a gateway to the “ordinary environment” for workers with disabilities issued from medical-social environments such as ESAT* La Providence. The finalization of the manufacturing of ZAO products requires a lot of manual operations, because of their refillability and pouch packaging. Fabrik Etik carries out the complete assembly of ZAO products as well as the digital printing of all labels.

Since June 2018, Fabrik Etik is certified Cosmos subcontractor for the packaging of organic cosmetics.

*ESAT: Etablissement et Service d’Aide par le Travail (Establishment and Service of Help by Labor)